Russia World Cup Fixtures 2018

The 2018 FiFA World Cup is is the 21st FIFA World Cup. It runs from the 14th June until 15th July 2018. This is the first time the tournament has been held in Eastern Europe and is hosted by Russia. 32 teams will battle it out in 8 groups before moving on to the knouck out stages! Use our handy guide below to see when each match will be played, what time kick-off is and what channel the game is broadcoast on in the UK!

Saturday 16 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
France vs Australia (Group C) 11:00 BBC
Argentina vs Iceland (Group D) 14:00 ITV
Peru vs Denmark (Group C) 17:00 BBC
Croatia vs Nigeria (Group D) 20:00 ITV

Sunday 17 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Costa Rica vs Serbia (Group E) 13:00 ITV
Germany vs Mexico (Group F) 16:00 BBC
Brazil vs Switzerland (Group E) 19:00 ITV

Monday 18 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Sweden vs South Korea (Group F) 13:00 ITV
Belgium vs Panama (Group G) 16:00 BBC
Tunisia vs England (Group G) 19:00 BBC

Tuesday 19 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Colombia vs Japan (Group H) 13:00 BBC
Poland vs Senegal (Group H) 16:00 ITV
Russia vs Egypt (Group A) 19:00 BBC

Wednesday 20 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Portugal vs Morocco (Group B) 13:00 BBC
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia (Group A) 16:00BBC
Iran vs Spain (Group B) 19:00 ITV

Thursday 21 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Denmark vs Australia (Group C) 13:00 ITV
France vs Peru (Group C) 16:00 ITV
Argentina vs Croatia (Group D) 19:00 BBC

Friday 22 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Brazil vs Costa Rica (Group E) 13:00 ITV
Nigeria vs Iceland (Group D) 16:00 BBC
Serbia vs Switzerland (Group E) 19:00 BBC

Saturday 23 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Belgium vs Tunisia (Group G) 13:00 BBC
South Korea vs Mexico (Group F) 16:00ITV
Germany v Sweden (Group F) 19:00 ITV

Sunday 24 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
England vs Panama (Group G) 13:00 BBC
Japan vs Senegal (Group H) 16:00 BBC
Poland vs Colombia (Group H) 19:00 ITV

Monday 25 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Uruguay vs Russia (Group A) 15:00 ITV
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt (Group A) 15:00 ITV
Spain vs Morocco (Group B) 19:00 BBC
Iran vs Portugal (Group B) 19:00 BBC

Tuesday 26 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Denmark vs France (Group C) 15:00 ITV
Australia vs Peru (Group C) 15:00 ITV
Nigeria vs Argentina (Group D) 19:00 BBC
Iceland vs Croatia (Group D) 19:00BBC

Wednesday 27 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
South Korea vs Germany (Group F) 15:00 BBC
Mexico vs Sweden (Group F) 15:00 BBC
Serbia vs Brazil (Group E) 19:00 ITV
Switzerland vs Costa Rica (Group E) 19:00 ITV

Thursday 28 JuneKick off (BST)Broadcast On
Japan vs Poland (Group H) 15:00 BBC
Senegal vs Colombia (Group H) 15:00 BBC
England vs Belgium (Group G) 19:00 ITV
Panama vs Tunisia (Group G) 19:00 ITV